Senior Awardees

Paul DiMaggio, New York University. Americans Understanding of the Relationship Between Science and Religion: Finding Common Ground

Eszter Hargittai, University of Zurich. Learning about Science and Religion Online: Who, What, Where, How?

Ryan Cragun, University of Tampa. Nuanced Understandings of Science Among Mormons

Elaine Howard Ecklund and Andrea K. Henderson, Rice University and University of South Carolina. Where Science Ends and Religion Begins: The Human Body

John H. Evans, UC San Diego. Religious Values and Human Enhancement: A Study of Engineers and the Public

Mid-Career Awardees

Christopher P. Scheitle and Katie E. Corcoran, West Virginia University. Religion, Science, and the Enchanted Worldview

Stephen H. Jones, University of Birmingham, UK. Science and the Transmission of Islamic Knowledge in Britain

Z. Fareen Parvez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Science, Religion, and the Spirits: on Health, Healing and Islam in Morocco

Nichole Renee Phillips, Emory University. Black Faith, Bodies, Mother Mortality and COVID-19: A Response to Religion, Science and Medicine

M. Alper Yalcinkaya, Ohio Wesleyan University. Religious, Irreligious, Immigrant: Young Turkish Women’s Identities and Perceptions of Religion, Science, and Morality

Early-Career Awardees

Shiri Noy and Timothy O’Brien, Dennison University and University of WI, Milwaukee. Religious Identities, Beliefs, and the Moral Meanings of Science and Religion in the United States

Di Di, Santa Clara University. A Capital-Driven Science? Religion and Science in For-Profit Tech Companies

David R. Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno. The Religion and Science in State Legislatures Study

Wes Markofski, Carleton College. Protecting Sacred Waters: Mobilizing Indigenous and Western Meanings of Science and Spirituality in the Battle over Line 3

Post doctoral Fellow

Jacqueline Frost, Rice University. Atheist Churches and AI Utopias: Repurposing Religious Means for Secular Ends

PhD Students Awardees

Amy Lawton, University of Connecticut. Medical Students, Donor Bodies, and the Scientific Sacred

Esmeralda Sanchez Salazar, Rice University. How Congregational Participation Shapes the Science Education Outcomes of Latino Youth