Network for the Social Scientific Study of Science and Religion

Network Members

Dan Bolger (Graduate Student, Rice University)

Rebecca Catto (Assistant Professor, Kent State University)

Esther Chan (Graduate Student, Yale University)

Di Di (Graduate Student, Rice University)

Justin Farrell (Assistant Professor, Yale University)

Silke Guelker (Postdoctoral Researcher, Social Science Research Center – Berlin)

Jeff Guhin (Assistant Professor, University of California Los Angeles)

Jonathan Hill (Assistant Professor, Calvin College)

Tom Kaden (Research Assistant, York University)

Simranjit Khalsa (Graduate Student, Rice University)

David R. Johnson (Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno)

Jaime Kucinskas (Assistant Professor, Hamilton College)

David E. Long (Assistant Professor, Morehead State University)

Marcus Mann (Doctoral Candidate, Duke University)

Shiri Noy (Assistant Professor, Denison University)

Kathleen Oberlin (Assistant Professor, Grinnell College)

Timothy O’Brien (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Rachel Schulder Abrams Pear (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Haifa)

Jared Peifer (Assistant Professor, Baruch College)

J. Micah Roos (Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech)

Chris Scheitle (Assistant Professor, West Virginia University)

Lukas Szrot (Assistant Professor, Bemidji State University)

Brandon Vaidyanathan (Associate Professor, Catholic University of America)

M. Alper Yalcinkaya (Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University)